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Big Fucking Deal Chapter 2: Stupid Loop featuring Kelly Warren

This is the second installment of BFD with writer Scotty Gillmer, depicted in its entirety!  Scotty and I hope to have the first full book of the two-book series released by late next year.  In the meantime, Chapter 1 is available for purchase at our online store, link below.

My favorite jam comic by my gf and me. 

My super cool girlfriend and I made jam comics

More pencils from the next chapter of Big Fucking Deal.  Too cute not to post.
Dr. Jostad pencil character design for BFD.  She’s coming soon!

Pencils for the first two pages of Big Fucking Deal Chapter 2: Stupid Loop. 

Sketch inspired by the latest episode of Mad Men.  Can’t get Ginsberg out of my head.
Inspired by this:—204090

Interview at MoCCA!  I talk a lot, and Scotty and Leigh are the best.

Buy them now at our brand spankin’ new online store:

Another BFD panel.
Another panel from BFD.
One of my favorite panels from Big Fucking Deal.  The first chapter premiered at MoCCA this weekend, and will be available to buy online later this month.  Stoked!

what's the deal with big fucking deal?

Scotty writes a funny, honest, and comprehensive article on the making of BFD.